Craig Ambrose
Craig Ambrose is a consulting software developer with the Enspiral Network. While experienced with a number of languages and tools, he prefers Ruby On Rails as the solution which best provides value for money for his clients.

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Craig is an active member of the Ruby on Rails development community, both internationally and in New Zealand. Please get in touch if you are interested in sharing knowledge in this area, or are keen to find out about Ruby activities, talks or training in and around Nelson, New Zealand.

Craig is involved in the formation of Atamai Village, a new resilient human settlement in the south island of New Zealand.

Atamai Village

Agile Development

Agile software development is a methodology for producing software which has benefits for both the developers and the client. The key is the insight that creating a computer program is not the same as creating a physical object, such as a house. Unlike house builders, software developers can change what they are doing in mid stride, providing certain practices are followed, and so we can focus first on the bits of the system that are important and well understood, and let some of the other details fall into place around them through lots of feedback and involvement from the client. With a house, it’s very important to build the foundations first, and then the frame, but with software we can start with the bit that’s most important to your business, which might be the front door, or the bay windows, so that you can try these bits out on your clients to see if we’re on the right track.

Find Out More about how agile development can help you product software that’s more appropriate for your business, and more affordable.